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Samia Khan Message To Imran Khan


It’s another lovely day in the life of Reham Khan, sunny with no chance of rain. Temperatures were rising a few days ago but are expected to cool down now that the election is over. The day’s forecast is pleasant, although, considering what Imran had for breakfast, warm winds are expected at around noon.

What can I say about my marriage that hasn’t already been retweeted hundreds of times? Ever since Imran made it public, it’s either been #Selfie With Bhabi or Reham The Evil. His female fan base has been sending me hate messages for two months now. I wonder if this is what it was like for Jemima, or was it the other way around and British men sent hate mail to Imran?

Our heady affair started when he saw me on television interviewing a politician. “Who is this incredible moron?” he asked of the politician. “That’s you, sir,” his security detail told him. “And who is this beautiful woman? I must meet her. Can we arrange another interview?”

The rest as they say is history. At first, he’d told me this dharna would last a couple of weeks and when he’d be prime minister, we would get married. Then, he told me it might last a month and he wasn’t sure if he would be prime minister when we got married. Then, he asked me if he could sell our engagement ring as the dharna had gone on for two months and somebody had to pay for all that awful music being played.