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International media making fun over Indian missile experiment


International media is making fun over Indian missile experiment when it was not succeeded unfortunately. They were making fun over their experiment and were also astonishing over their mentality. They were also discussing their public reputation which was really detestable. According to them, Indian government must pay heed over their citizens rather than focusing over making missile.

Talking about missile experiment, it was really sad and hilarious as it goes nearly about 3 feet high from the ground and then again moves down unwantedly. They were really thinking about the poor citizens of Indian who were living their lives lower than poverty lines. They were also astonishing over the mentality of Indian government who were really working against public interests.

International Media Making Fun of Indian Failed… by IRFITV

Actually they were very serious about the present condition of Indian citizens who are really suffering from their circumstances. According to World Bank, poverty has reached at its peak in country India and unfortunately they are not thinking for their citizens but to enhance their ability in armaments which are also not going in their favor.

According to reports, there are many missile experiments Indian government has made but only one experiment got successful in this field. They have done many experiments in Indian oceans and also have become reason of water pollution. According to international media, they are really doing wrong with their population and no one is there to ask them about their directions.

They further criticized to all those ones who elect their representative in the assemblies. According to them they definitely should elect those ones who would work and raise their problems in the upper floor otherwise they would definitely finish in next coming decades. They also put pressure on NGOs working in India so that they can inform people about the wrong direction of their government in India.