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Faisal Wada Vs Mian Manan


The answer to these questions is yes! In this article we will reveal the truth about angels and demons (fallen angels). We will reveal how demons silently inhabit the souls of most human beings on earth and how these dark beings wish to remain “undetected” within the souls of the human beings they inhabit, so they can cause the maximum amount of damage and continue to steal the light of each soul for their very own survival.The battle between good and evil is being outplayed on earth behind the scenes. Watch video in link below

Faisal Wada Vs Mian Manan by fahadkhaskheli25

Demon spirits are seeking to silently inhabit as many souls on earth in an attempt to get them to “misqualify” their light, so they can steal it and use it to feed the dark forces and at the same time “entrap” as many souls to the “dark side” as they can.Demons pray on souls who are emotionally, mentally and physically weak and vulnerable. If a human being has strong fear-based emotions such as anger, hate, superiority, inferiority, revenge, grief, sadness, depression, guilt, self-hate, etc, then it is a prime target for these fallen angels to gain entry into its soul. The demon spirits look for a weakened aura, splits or fractures in the very soul itself where they can reside “undetected”, and holes in the aura caused by these strong fear-based emotions where they can gain initial entry.