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Cold War between Asad Umar and Zubair Umar (Inside Video)


ight and Harsh Words Exchange Between Brothers Asad and Zubair Umar A war of words broke out between the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Asad Umar and his sibling and Chairman of the Privatization Commission Muhammad Zubair Khan on Tuesday over the destiny of Pakistan Steel Mills amid a meeting of the National Assembly’s Standing Committee.

Cold War between Asad Umar and Zubair Umar… by aliyaali123456

Leading the meeting, Asad Umar, who is viewed as PTI’s top monetary mind, lost his temper over the terrible condition of PSM and traded hot words with his sibling Zubair. The Privatization Commission director reprimanded absence of assets for the administration’s inability to resuscitate the factories fortunes. He said that a proposition was under thought to rent out the Steel Mills on a long haul premise, keeping up that it was still a superior alternative than privatization. He said the administration would settle on an official choice in such manner by January 20.